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Sobre Monica Duarte

I started my higher studies in Engineering, however, a Zumba modality changed my life and thanks to this turnaround, I had the possibility to change so many other lives for the better during this time.

And I felt that was what I liked: touching people, changing lives, contributing to a better world.

Afterwards, I surrendered to the world of Fitness and became a Physical Exercise Technician. Card No. 95775.

Initially I focused only on group classes and took various trainings in order to be able to cover a wide range of classes.

After that, I started to explore, little by little, the Personalized Training area and realized that, through it, I had the ability to help people to achieve their goals effectively and safely.

I continue to be passionate about group classes, especially high intensity ones, however I felt a need to find a balance.

I recently started to explore the area of Pilates and Therapeutic Training, with the objective of, through physical exercise, respond to the needs of people with injuries or pathological conditions that, nowadays, are increasingly more common, due to the stress present in our day-to-day and professional life.

I am passionate about life and movement. I love dancing, sport, nature and the freedom they make me feel. I am an instructor of group classes and Personal Trainer and, therefore, I feel that I have the ability to provide moments of satisfaction and happiness in people’s daily lives and contribute to their physical and psychological well-being.